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One User Per Book

My ebooks are sold under licence from book publishers. An important condition of the licence is that, when you


buy an ebook from the website, it can only be used by one individual. Lending and sharing is not permitted.

It is not permitted to buy one copy of an ebook and then load it onto multiple devices for several people to use.

Nor can you load a book onto a device and then pass the device on to multiple individuals one after another.

If you buy an ebook and give it to another person, it is theirs to keep for life. But they may not then lend or share it with another user.

If you want to provide, say, 20 copies of an ebook to 20 people, you will need to pay for 20 copies, and then


distribute the ebooks to the 20 people. (I will show you how.)

Return & Exchange Policy

Ebooks you purchase from are eligible for return and refund if we receive your request within seven days of the date of purchase.

If an ebook does not perform as described, you may return it for a refund at any time.

When a refund is granted, we'll remove access to the eBook and your money will be returned. To submit a refund

request, please contact me.

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