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  • I did not receive the Ebook, what should I do?"
    If you have not received the order confirmation email after ten minutes with the download link for your products, check your Spam mailbox or contact me via: Do not forget to give your first and last name as well as your e-mail as well as the products in question.
  • Where are you located?
    I am currently located in the Montreux region of Switzerland.
  • How to download the products?
    Once the purchase is made, you will receive an email with your order number and your purchased item. You will see a button to be able to download the product. Once downloaded, it is essential to save it on your computer in order to be able to transfer it to your various devices such as tablet and phone. Here are the steps to be performed on a cell phone.
  • I do not understand some points of the recipes, what should I do?"
    With each recipe, you have technical and professional support for any questions about products purchased on the website. Do not hesitate to ask the questions as detailed as possible to be able to provide a clear answer and adapt to your needs. Tech support has no time limit so you can contact me at any time. I will make sure to respond as quickly as possible. Please contact me only via:
  • I can't find my Ebook again, what's going on?"
    If you have had computer problems, backup or theft, it is essential to contact me so that I can resend the product download links to you. Via: Do not forget to give your first and last name as well as your e-mail address as well as the products in question, and an order number.
  • I still have not received my order. What is taking so long?
    We apologize for the delay. Sometimes the order confirmation email with the download links may take longer than expected. Please contact me by email at the following address:
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    We do our best to resolve any issues you may have with your items purchased online. If you still wish to receive a refund on your order, we can of course complete the payment, in the event that the appeal is made within 7 days of the date of the order and the product (s) concerned are not on sale. For more information, please read more about our refund policy: Right here =>
  • Do you do private online lessons?
    Yes, you just need to send your specific request with the topic you want to cover during the online session. The online sessions are completely customizable and created according to your personal needs and desires. For pricing, it works at the hourly rate.
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